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I never thought anyone could take care of my animals as well as I could -- until I met Marilyn!

At the time, I had a very protective/territorial male Dalmation and a full-of-himself male Weimaraner show dog. Then I added a rescued male part Siamese to the mix, and I thought my husband and I would never be able to go on a vacation again. Enter Marilyn!

The first day she met "the boys" (as she likes to call them), it was love at first sight -- on their part at least. She knew immediately how to relate to them -- all my silly advice was just that, silly. Marilyn already knew what to do. When we got home from that first vacation with Marilyn, it was like we had never left. I could see in their eyes how happy and comfortable they had been while we were gone. It was just amazing.

It's been three years since that initial meeting, and I can't imagine things any other way. The Dalmation is now 14 and has health issues; the Weimaraner is as full-of-himself as ever, and Francis the cat can be a very messy boy with his kitty litter box.

In July, we headed up to Maine again for our yearly "blues" vacation -- much needed but still feeling a little guilty. Once again, it was like we had never left. Everyone was happy and groomed and the house as neat as a pin (and I'm very picky). I was about in tears, I was so happy and relieved.

Marilyn makes everything possible. And now I've added a horse to the mix. There's no doubt in my mind that she'll take that in stride, just as she does everything else. Thank you, Marilyn, for keeping me sane.

Martha Goodwine

The "furkids" love their time with Marilyn. They get the exercise, care, and love they need while I'm at work or traveling, and I can rest easy knowing they're in the best of hands. Never a mishap in the almost five years since Marilyn began caring for them. Marilyn just knows what they need to keep them content.

Elayne Rolbin (Dublin & Brady's Mom)

Marilyn has been taking loving care of our animals (and we have many) for the last 5 years. She has been there for us on very short notice and has also stayed in our home when we were away for days at a time. We feel confident that when we are away the animals are in the best hands, which makes it easier for us to relax when we do get that rare chance to get away.

Carol Marcely

Marilyn has been taking care of our cats since we moved to New Hampshire. We couldn't be happier with the quality of care and the level of commitment that she brings to every visit to our home. Whether we are away just overnight or out of town for a two week vacation, we never worry about our cats when they are in her care. She not only feeds them but spends time brushing, cuddling and playing with them.... and they love her. She alerts us promptly if she has any concerns about their well being and we trust her judgment to react appropriately if ever one of them was injured or ill. She never fails to follow some of the crazy, detailed instructions that we sometimes leave her for dealing with our cats' odd eating habits or medication schedules. I don't know what we would do without Marilyn... I guess we'd never leave home.

Kathrin Williams

Marilyn always puts the needs of the animals ahead of her personal concerns, and she goes out of her way to take proper care of an animal. To her, every dog and cat is a special one, and she truly loves what she does. And the animals love her, too.

Ann Bellamy

Being a petsitter myself, I am very particular on whom I trust with the care of my cat, and also of my home, while I am away. I know how important it is. I went away recently and it was the first time I used a petsitter. I wasn’t sure how my "baby" George would be while I was gone because he is an adoptee from the humane society so he is still a little wary of some people. And he was used to me being home and getting LOTS of attention. Well no worries, George loves Marilyn! He ran to greet her during her initial visit and loves to see her whenever she comes over. Not only did she take excellent care of him but also excellent care of my home while I was away. I came home to a happy cat and a clean home. It was so nice to not have to worry about anything while I was gone. Thanks Marilyn!

Karen Langelier